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Check out our Ethel Smyth biography!

Our Ethel Smyth biography is now available!

Ethel Smyth scholar Amy Zigler, Ph.D. has given us a short and concise overview of Smyth’s music and life!  Amy is almost exclusively responsible for the content of this website, and in her own words:

It is the goal of this website to bring attention to Smyth’s body of work and to encourage scholars and music lovers to explore her life and music.  Listings of performances and reviews will be added periodically, a timeline of events is forthcoming, and a working bibliography will be posted soon.  If you know of an upcoming performance or wish to have your performance posted, please do let us know.  Only by hearing her music will her place in music history be determined.

Kickstarter Campaign for Recording Smyth’s “The Prison”

Composed in 1930, The Prison is Smyth’s last large-scale work, scored for two soloists (portraying The Prisoner and his Soul), chorus, and orchestra. At 75 minutes, it is similar in length to the vocal symphonies of Mahler, but her musical language is truly unique; this work represents the full maturity of her style after more than 40 years of composing.  Please help by supporting this Kickstarter campaign through Dec 2, 2018!