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BBC Culture brings attention to Smyth’s work ahead of several Proms concerts

As the Proms will be featuring Smyth’s music on no fewer than FIVE concerts during the 2022 season, BBC Culture ran a detailed article on her life and music last week. Beverley D’Silva interviewed Leah Broad, Sophie Fuller, Melly Still, Stephen Langridge and Amy Zigler in advance of the July 24 Prom 13 semi-staged performance of The Wreckers by the Glyndebourne Opera Company.

Read the article here.

Listen to the BBC Radio 3 broadcast through the end of August here.

Subscribe to Glyndebourne’s livestream and watch the production yourself here.

Check out our Ethel Smyth biography!

Our Ethel Smyth biography is now available!

Ethel Smyth scholar Amy Zigler, Ph.D. has given us a short and concise overview of Smyth’s music and life!  Amy is almost exclusively responsible for the content of this website, and in her own words:

It is the goal of this website to bring attention to Smyth’s body of work and to encourage scholars and music lovers to explore her life and music.  Listings of performances and reviews will be added periodically, a timeline of events is forthcoming, and a working bibliography will be posted soon.  If you know of an upcoming performance or wish to have your performance posted, please do let us know.  Only by hearing her music will her place in music history be determined.